MyWellness: Mindfulness and Young Breast Cancer Wellness

The MyWellness Study is recruiting 
young breast cancer survivors to participate in a study we hope to run in the Spring of 2018. The study offers the possibility of being included in a stress reduction program to young breast cancer survivors and their partners. For more information, read the "Study Details" section or see our Clinical Trials page:

Contact Information

If you are a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 45 or younger, and are interested in participating in this study, please contact
Dr. Ann Bettencourt through our email, 

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Upon completing study, you will be given a $50 gift card for each member of the couple ($100 per couple), if you complete all 4 study surveys. In addition, the couple is eligible for an additional $50 gift card if they watch at least 6 of 8 study videos. In addition, participants in both conditions (C-MBSR & I-MBSR) will receive access to the videos in both MBSR conditions at the end of the study. 

Study Details

Participants will be randomly assigned to either 

1. Couples- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or
2. Individuals- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,

Participants will watch 8, one-hour videos once a week for 8 weeks, in the comfort of your home. The program is taught by experienced MBSR instructors at the University of Missouri.

In addition, participants will be asked to complete questionnaires for the study, including questions about psychological and physical well-being, and you will be asked to provide saliva samples. The study will last approximately six months and you will receive incentives listed under "Compensation" for your full participation. 


The current study involves young breast cancer survivors and their partnersParticipants must meet the following  requirements to be eligible:

1. Married, or unmarried but living with a partner
2. Diagnosed with breast cancer between 
the ages of 18 and 45
3. Be within 1 and 6 years of diagnosis
4. Have access to internet at home
5. Have no prior experience with MBSR, and not a frequent meditator

Guided Meditations

For guided meditations please click the image below.